Revisiting the Beginnings of This Website About Tom Dillard

A screen shot (used under the Copyright Act Fair Use clause) of newspaper coverage and review of Tom Dillard as published in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Since this website has been ongoing for more than a decade, I thought it would be helpful for me to review why this site was created and review why I published both here on and

Tom (Thomas / Thomas D. / T.D.) Dillard and I go way back. The “basis” of our relationship, such as it was, was the fundamental, unabashed lies he was making up about me. He had no clue as to the veracity of the kind of info he was spewing about me, which got repeated very publicly in opinion columns written by John L. Smith in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

That was the start. Dillard got my attention in a way I’m sure now, in retrospect, he wishes he hadn’t. I started looking into his life, his background and began uncovering lie after lie after lie regarding his “work” as a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detective.

All of them are well documented on the two sites I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I’ll summarize some of the highlights:

  • He told lies about me in a court case in being heard in the Southern District of Nevada Federal Court, in which I was a witness for the defense, and tried to intimidate me and send a not-so-thinly-veiled message by surveilling my young son at the private elementary school he was attending. Reprehensible.
  • Dillard tried to influence a judge — intimidate him, again, really — into getting a verdict that would vindicate his work in a case he was involved with.
  • He had a lien slapped on him by the IRS to the tune of almost $34,000 back in 2008/2009.
  • Falsely accusing and hiding exculpatory evidence in the case of a murder of a young boy in Stateline, Nevada, and being punished by a jury which awarded the man falsely accused $1 million in punitive damages.

I encourage you to revisit some of the posts and pages in these two Dillard sites to re-familiarize yourself with the litany of facts presented regarding this disgraced (my word, my opinion) former Metro detective. I almost hate using his name, but that’s unavoidable. Check out some of the info published within those sites and you’ll understand why.

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A Haunting, 30-Year-Old Latent Fingerprint Still Unidentified by Tom Dillard in Unsolved Murder of 7-Year-Old Alexander Harris

Latent fingerprints: they hide in plain site. Latent prints are prints that are not visible to the naked eye, but which do exist at the scene of a crime. They often have to be “lifted” in some way by special tape of some sort after being “dusted” with magnesium powder. There are other ways of getting the prints as well — super glue, for example or using other chemicals like iodine or silver nitrate.

There was not much physical evidence at the scene of the 1987 homicide of 7-year-old Alexander Harris at Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada, near the border with California. There were foreign body hairs — hairs that were not Alexander’s, and which were not identified as belonging to anyone. There also was a latent fingerprint found on the glasses of the victim, which appeared to have been placed next to his body, according to the autopsy report. And we have just one question for lead homicide investigator Thomas Dillard: Whose was it?

Almost 30 years after the discovery of the body, this question still is unanswered.

Maybe we don’t know all the work that was done in trying to find the owner of that print. Maybe the most extensive search for an ID for that print was made in the history of identifying fingerprints using the best technology that was available in 1987. But it doesn’t appear as if much of an effort was made to identify whose print that was once it was eliminated as being Alexander’s and once it was eliminated as belonging to any of the suspects under consideration of the crime. It was proved to not belong to the man who went to trial as Alexander’s murderer, Howard Lee Haupt.

Don’t you think, Detective Dillard, that that fingerprint could possibly identify Alexander’s killer? And wouldn’t you have exhausted every conceivable avenue available to find out whose print that was? After all, a 7-year-old boy was murdered. Most of us would do whatever it took to find the owner of that print. 

Alexander, 7, was found a month after he was abducted, lying dead under a trailer that was on the grounds of the casino at the time. He was wearing the same clothes he had on at the time he went missing, the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1987. The Clark County medical examiner, which had jurisdiction in the case, found no evidence that Alexander was sexually assaulted. He found no evidence of any violent physical trauma.

If it wasn’t Haupt’s, or any of the other early suspects, if it wasn’t Alexander’s, then whose was it? Was it his mother’s or grandparents? Was it possibly the murderer’s? If the print was not able to be identified in 1987, has it ever been run through a modern database? From what we can tell, it hasn’t. A 7-year-old boy is dead and the killer has not been found. It has been almost 30 years. How is it possible that such an egregious crime has been left untouched for so long? The crime is not even listed on Metro PD’s website of unsolved homicides from the 1980s. Why not? Does Dillard and Metro think they solved the crime and they were just  unable to convict the real killer, who they believe to be Haupt?

I would think of all the unsolved murders, solving that of an innocent 7-year-old boy would be at the top of the list. Dillard is no longer with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. He’s now a private investigator in Las Vegas. And Alexander Harris’s case appears to have been closed for decades. Why? Isn’t Dillard haunted by his inability to solve this crime? I would be. And I wouldn’t rest until I found out the truth about what happened. Wouldn’t that be an interesting story to write Detective Dillard? Former Metro detective solves homicide case that eluded him 30 years ago?

If not Dillard, surely there must be someone who is interested in putting this puzzle together and solving it once and for all.

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Thomas (Tom) Dillard, ex-Las Vegas Metro Detective, Nailed in Jury’s Verdict

steve barket las vegas ex-metro detective tom dillard court case howard haupt doc

It doesn’t get any more clear than the one damaging page that you see above, which shows the jury’s findings in the U.S. District Court case (Nevada) between Howard L. Haupt (the plaintiff) and former Metro detective and defendant Thomas D. Dillard (Case No. CV-S-90-121-PMP(RJJ).

Dillard violated one of the basic tenants of police and legal proceedings: don’t call the judge hearing a case you’re involved with him and try to intimidate or influence anything he’s doing related to the case. The case brought by Haupt against Dillard stemmed from a previous case in which Haupt was arrested and charged with the abduction of a 7-year-old boy from Whiskey Pete’s Casino in State Line, Nevada, and about a month later was found dead under a trailer on the casino grounds. Dillard was one of the Metro detectives assigned to investigate the case. Haupt ultimately was acquitted, but not before Dillard called the judge to try to influence his instructions to the jury before they began deliberation on a verdict. The judge admitted that he felt intimidated by Dillard’s actions.

The summary document at top is from the Haupt v. Dillard verdict document, page 20. Ex-Metro Detective Thomas (Tom / T.D.) Dillard was found guilty on all four counts before the jury:
1. Violating Howard Haupt’s right to a fair criminal trial.
2. A finding in favor of the defendant for damages as a result of that violation.
3. Malicious or reckless disregard for Haupt’s right to a fair criminal trial.
4. Punitive damages as a result awarded to plaintiff Haupt for $1 million.

In anybody’s book, that’s a pretty substantial smack-down.

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Thomas Dillard, Detective: UNSOLVED HOMICIDE — Money is One Thing, A Human Life is an Entirely Different Thing

There’s a motive that’s hiding in plain sight on this website. And it involves the unsolved abduction and murder of a 7-year-old boy. And that directly involves Tom Dillard.

STEVE-BARKET-THOMAS-DILLARD-alexander-harris-from-court-documentsDillard was one of the Las Vegas Metro detectives assigned to the case of Alexander Harris, 7. Young Alexander was visiting Whiskey Pete’s Casino on the border of California and Nevada over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1987. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, that Alexander, his mother Roxanne Harris, and Alexander’s grandparents had stopped at Whiskey Pete’s on their way home to Mountain View, Calif. It was a stop on a whim, just to let Alexander play some video games in Whiskey Pete’s arcade before being cooped up in the car for hours.

Alexander’s mom decided firmly that he could spend a half hour and no more playing games in the arcade, and then they would head back. And Alexander, as excited 7-year-old boys will do, jumped out of the car and rushed into the arcade to play games. It was about 10:30 am. It was the last time his mom and grandparents would see him alive.

At about 11 am, after gambling a bit in the casino, his mother went into the arcade to let Alexander know it was time to get on their way. Except she couldn’t find him. He was missing. She told security at Whiskey Pete’s and they searched the grounds. They could not find him. Then Las Vegas Metro police were called and a detail officer responded immediately. But the detectives who would normally respond to a kidnapping call didn’t arrive on the scene until Saturday.

They talked to witnesses who said they saw a boy leave the arcade with a man holding his wrist. They looked at very poor quality surveillance videotape from the arcade. But nothing they did led to the discovery of the boy.

About a month later, on Dec. 30, a groundskeeper at Whiskey Pete’s found the boy’s body under a temporary housing trailer on the casino grounds. He was wearing the same clothes he wore the day he disappeared. There was no sign of trauma to the body. The autopsy report speculated that he probably died around the time he disappeared and that the body had been where it had been found all along.

That didn’t make Metro or their investigating detectives look too good. So Metro assigned what they thought were two of their best homicide detectives to the case, Tom Dillard and Robert Leonard.

They proceeded to build a case around Howard Haupt, who was one of the men identified by eyewitnesses in the case; five people had said they remembered seeing a man leaving with a boy who looked to be about 7 years old at about the time the abduction would have occurred — sometime between 10:30 and 11 am. But it was a case built on forcing square pegs into round holes. In other words, the evidence just didn’t fit.

Dillard and Leonard lied about Haupt’s finger or palm print being on the glasses the boy was wearing. During Haupt’s arrest and interrogation, Haupt had given Dillard the name of someone who would provide an alibi for him — that they had been together land sailing on a dry lake bed at the time the crime took place. Dillard said he called and the acquaintance said he didn’t remember that. But Dillard had never even called this person who could provide an alibi. Dillard told Haupt there were five eyewitnesses who positively identified him as the kidnapper. However, the identifications were very shaky and Dillard knew it. Three of the witnesses had previously identified other people as being the abductor.

So through chicanery and other nonsense in trying to build a case around a man who was eventually acquitted of all charges, Dillard wasted valuable time and resources in trying to find the man who actually abducted and murdered the little boy. The real kidnapper, the real murderer, has never been found. And that’s just not right.

There were other theories, other potential suspects, other men to interview, other leads to follow up on. But there’s nothing now. No active investigation, no one in prison or on death row to pay for this heinous crime. Not even a paragraph about it on Metro’s unsolved homicide cases from the 1980s that they have on their website (1980-1989 unsolved cases). Nothing. THIS STILL REMAINS AN UNSOLVED HOMICIDE.

And that’s the real tragedy. A mother lost her 7-year-old son. There’s no price tag  you can ever put on that. So while we contend that Dillard has cost Las Vegas well over a million dollars as a result of shoddy investigations (and there will be more details to come about that), in our opinion, he’s really cost a bereaved mother the small satisfaction of knowing her 7-year-old son’s killer had faced justice and was paying for his crime.

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Tom Dillard is back at it again!

Steve Barket
July 6, 2015

Tommy boy is trying to stir the pot once again; the difference is this time I’m ready to roll — in a 4-wheel drive all over him in court.

I will be filing a lawsuit, it has teeth. Lots of them!

I would like to thank my many friends who keep me in the “know” about Dillard. A heads up is a heads up!

Tom Dillard friend gives me a heads up






This guy just makes stuff up on the fly and runs with it; hard to believe anybody with a J.D., admitted to the bar, or a Clark County Employee would put their career on the line.

I hope the next knock at his door is the process server. (FYI its under seal), no peaking!

Tom Dillard las vegas getting

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Getting Back to Basics with Tom Dillard

Let’s get back to the basics here.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, before, during and after testifying in the case of the United States of America vs Ricardo Bonvicin, I fell victim to Tom Dillard. Dillard was able influence John L Smith of the Las Vegas Review Journal to publish untruthful things about me, which put me in a false light. And I won’t lie, Dillard did a number on me.

But Dillard picked the wrong guy to try to intimidate. There was an old saying around newspapers that you don’t anger someone who purchases ink by the gallon and paper by the ton. The advent of the internet and blogs gave average citizens that kind of power. I’ve done a lot of digging on Dillard and have found some very interesting things that the citizens of Clark County, Nevada will find alarming. This website will detail the millions of dollars Dillard has cost the tax payers of Clark County. And along with that exposure, we’ll more importantly review the torment and mental anguish that Tom Dillard has caused so many people. You see, I’m not the only one that he’s screwed with.

Dillard’s shenanigans go back decades. And it’s time for him to be exposed. For example, have a look a this piece of “achievement” that he’s got on his record. And we’ll call it exactly what’s stated on the documents: “Conduct Unbecoming an Employee” for trying to influence a Las Vegas Nevada Judge during a capital murder trial. Not something you ever want to try. That’s gonna end badly pretty much every time.

And it’s not just any one thing, bad enough as they are individually, it’s the accumulation of the same kind of crap (an inelegant word, but accurate) over and over again … trying to influence judges, tax liens, messing with people’s lives, not meeting obligations and getting into trouble financially, messing with people’s lives. Oh, did I mention that already?

Stand by. More to come on all this. In the meantime, have a look around what’s already on this site. Interesting reading, I assure you.

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Is Tom Dillard all done? The office is empty! So where’s Dillard now?

By Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada May 6, 2014

So Doyle Matthew Dillard and his wife Mary (Tom Dillard PI’s mom & dad) owned the building that Tom Dillard ran his business Professional Investigators out of at 123 N. 9th St in Las Vegas. The building was in a trust, D M D living trust. According to public records Doyle Dillard Died on November 11th 2011.

After I received a tip from one of my readers that Dillard was allegedly out of the building and could no longer “make ends meet” was no surprise to me. How Dillard made it this long was a mystery to me on so many levels. Under every rock more questions than answers.

So according to public records Big Man Tom Dillard’s parents owned the building, Mommy and Daddy bought Tommy boys office in 1998…. at his age…really! Nothing would surprise me! Tommy Boy is pushing 68 years old!

Also my reader gave me a lot of in site into the original transaction prior owner Holly Charles and the  D.M.D. living trust, before I make any statements I will do my homework.

Sure enough the building is empty and listed,

Tom Dillard of Las Vegas office is empty



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Tom Dillard and Tom Dillard Jr. Attorney, Confusion ? The Opinion of Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada !

By Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada August 21st 2013

So you have the dead beat ex-cop, sleazy P.I. Thomas Doyle Dillard the old man and the son Thomas Dillard Jr. the attorney.

I am in no way being disparaging to the the son “Tom Dillard Jr”, I have never met this person, just trying to help others with the same confusion I have experienced.

This is very confusing when researching the old man vs the kid, on PACER and other data-bases.

Many people have contacted me with questions, The kid  according to court records did a lot of work for Metro in the past (alleged) and the old man, was a ex cop and now a deadbeat* P.I..

*(deadbeat is my opinion, Tom Dillard Sr. brags about his Utah cabin but seems to forget to pays his property taxes and has an IRS tax lien).

I wounder if the son has any relationship with the Metro Cop Eric Chris Hall ?

Please remember two people with same name.

Keep looking the truth is out there !!!

More about JR coming soon !

As I continue to research, more questions than answers, I have found this link very useful in an effort to sort out the family.

Please read in Memory of Doyle Matthew Dillard






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LVMPD Detective Chris Hall & Tom Dillard, no show for Deposition in a Federal case after being served !

Las Vegas Metro Detective Chris Hall and Tom Dillard both skip out for deposition.

You Are Commanded to Appear, those words mean nothing to LVMPD Detective Chris Hall or Tom Dillard ! My opinion

LVMPD detective Chris Hall was served at his home, Hall’s address has been redacted for privacy.


Metro cop Chris Hall no show for depo



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Tom Dillard & Metro Cop Chris Hall Fail to Show up for Deposition in a Federal Case

By Steve Barket, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 8, 2013

Federal case : Steve Barket files suit
Why? Why does this guy and his Metro cop buddy skip a court-ordered deposition? My only guess is probably Conduct!  (I love my opinion.)

Big man Tom Dillard was served with a subpoena in the federal case. The court instructed him to provide a videotaped deposition. However, Mr. Trustworthy failed to show at the court-appointed time and place, along with Chris Hall, a Metro detective (full name: Christopher Eric Hall).

Looks like Dillard, who once told someone that he could only wish to get me alone for five minutes,  passed up his chance to get his wish.

What a coward (in my opinion). I have to ask myself why would this big-talking, “Big Time” (there’s a lot of big when it comes to Dillard) Private Investigator not show up? Or even Metro detective Chris Hall for that matter?

And just exactly who is Chris Hall, anyway? My investigation has turned up a few interesting items about this guy: He’s married and divorced the same woman three  times*.  Think about that for a minute and let that sink in.

He’s upside down in one home, but then he buys another home in the amount of $367,740.00*. Wow. Don’t you think that screams Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect for People, Excellence?

*The above information was obtained from  Clark County Nevada Records

Just as an FYI, those words highlighted in the last paragraph can be found on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s website and are highlighted as the values of the LVMPD.

When my research came back on Christopher Eric Hall, I instantly realized that this was yet another guy who needs E&A insurance (Ego & Arrogance). I can’t even begin to  guess what this guy will come up with against me … or perhaps one of his Metro brothers. Good luck Chris Hall! I am looking forward to seeing you on the stand in Federal Court.

MetroAnd remember, Chris Hall, I am a whistle-blower. Go ahead and take your best shot!

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Doneale Feazell and former FBI agent talk, July 2012

After hours of research and time on the phone, I had the pleasure of spending time with a former FBI agent who currently appears on a major news network. I have been explaining the facts as relayed to myself about the almost 20-year-old murder case.

Just a few weeks ago this former FBI agent and Doneale Feazell had the opportunity  to discuss the case, along with the last 19 years Doneale Feazell has spent incarcerated for a crime Feazell claims he did not commit.

In 2009  I came in contact with Tom Dillard, In my opinion after seeing first hand what kind of “Bad Cop” this guy was ( Reference Howard Haupt,  John Harrison West: Beth Lynn Jardine case) I would believe anything is possible with Tom Dillard.

On one hand Feazell has had 19 years to come up with a story, on the other after 19 years you would think this man would have accepted his fate in prison and deal with it.

However after talking with Feazell and  this former FBI agent, Feazell answered some very pointed questions, I am now listing to Feazell with more of an open mind.

This story is far from over.

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Clark County Court House Complex

Steve Barket July 24th 2012 Las Vegas Nevada

As I walked through the Clark County Court House complex on my way to look at public records I stopped to enjoy the building, what a beautiful place.

As I looked over the rail on the 3ard floor it hit me like a ton of bricks, on the wall in stone and I quote:


Abraham Lincoln 1856 A.D.

After the Howard Haupt case and  John Harrison West case, In my opinion one person came to my mind, Thomas Doyle Dillard……….A/K/A Tom Dillard….

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Doneale Feazell inmate #44313 could he be wrongly accused ?

Is it possible this is another Tom Dillard victim ? At this point I can not say with 100 percent certainty. I am in the infancy of this story.

As a result of this blog about six months ago I started receiving information from a lady a claiming to be an acquaintance of Inmate Feazell. She stated that she believed Feazell was perhaps “set up” by Dillard when he was a Metro Homicide detective.

I am currently following Feazell’s case and story. In typical Tom Dillard fashion I have been informed, that the first taped interview of the witness  was allegedly missing. I am reviewing documents to see for myself.

Dillard has been the subject of several law suits over the years, that have resulted in  costing the tax payers of Clark County Nevada millions of dollars. One reoccurring theme “withholding exculpatory evidence” that could have cleared the accused suspect in the murder case of Beth Lynn Jardine, John Harrison West.

This cold case was solved almost 22 years after the murder by DNA.  Charles Connors was convicted in Clarke County Nevada and sentenced in July 2010 for the murder of Jardine

By Dillard wasting the resources of  Metro Homicide detectives the killer went free for an additional 22 years. In that time Connors had been convicted of raping a little girl and was a registered sex offender.

In another law suit Dillard was sued by Howard Haupt, Cv-S-90-121-PMP similar story.


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Tom Dillard made the 2011 Delinquent property tax list Kane County Utah !

Tom Dillard has a cabin in Duck Creek Utah, but neglected to pay property tax’s for 2011.

Dillard loves to brag about his cabin and property, “his Utah retreat”.


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Major Legal Announcement Forthcoming………………….

I will be publishing legal news about Thomas Doyle Dillard a/k/a T. D. Dillard, Tom Dillard shortly. It also involves Dillard’s private Investigation company Professional Investigators as well.

Update coming soon !


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Tom Dillard, Steve Barket has a question about David Roger ?

Hey when this guy is gone who will let  you into there office and listen to you them ?

Is the good old boy network fading away or what ?

So what is the deal ?

What is Tom Pitaro’s take on this ?

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Steven Barket Las Vegas Nevada You Tube Channel TOM DILLARD EXPOSED

See Tom Dillard on the stand try to throw me under the bus! I have set up my own Tom Dillard Exposed channel. It’s fun to watch the P.I. face his past on the stand, who got caught red handed trying to influence a Nevada District Court Judge during a Murder trial.

I laugh out loud as I watch Tom Dillard throw his hands up…… Watch and you toooooooo will LOL

When I think about the murder trials that Dillard has been involved in one word comes to mind Buffoon: Look at the out come

John Harrison West… released……Big payout by Clark County

Howard Haupt….. released…..Big payout by Clark County

Sandy Murphy & Rick Tabish…released

How does Tom Dillard have any creditability…. That’s a mystery  to me… As they say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Definition of BUFFOON

: a ludicrous figure : clown
: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person
buf·foon·ish adjective



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TOM DILLARD don’t become a deadbeat ! What would Clark County District Attorney David Roger say ?

Tom Dillard don’t become a deadbeat !!!!Look for work, find some one else that just does not like me….. Singapore is a good place to start. Info to follow…. ATAC TV FIrearms founder Tom Clarke.. Call him or visit


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Tom DIllard pay your back taxes $33,903.20…IRS TAX liens 2008 & 2009

Whats up with this, did Tom Pitaro pay you for the Rick Bonvicin case even though Bonvicin filed Bankruptcy ? I have generated a lot of business for you and you still got a tax lien(s) filed against you. Why does John L Smith not write about you and your tax liens ? Hey buddy hang in there. Any luck with Tom Clarke, Larry Vonwald, FYI I am refiling that lawsuit. Hope you can recover. Your best cash cow of income. (Again I redacted your wife’s name on the tax lien info)

One last question, I have got a big client for you. Whats the law in Nevada about expectation of privacy for audio recordings ? This guy lives in another country (Singapore). I have some great recordings, he would be a good pay day for you, stand by. His web site is under way. He ask me for HGH and some other fun stuff..How can you have your PI license and a tax lien at the same time ?

Warm Regards

Steve Barket

FYI look at this: Filed September 2010

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Tom Dillard big time PI does not pay his Sewer Services $271.38…. Is this the PI that you would want to work for you ?

Dear Tom,

After all the work that came your way as a result of myself, you can not pay your sewer service ? For god sake’s. I got work for you, just put your pride in your back  pocket….. Oh by the way this copy is certified ( an extra 4.00 bucks). I did not include your wife’s name is it not her fault…..


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