Is Tom Dillard all done? The office is empty! So where’s Dillard now?

By Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada May 6, 2014

So Doyle Matthew Dillard and his wife Mary (Tom Dillard PI’s mom & dad) owned the building that Tom Dillard ran his business Professional Investigators out of at 123 N. 9th St in Las Vegas. The building was in a trust, D M D living trust. According to public records Doyle Dillard Died on November 11th 2011.

After I received a tip from one of my readers that Dillard was allegedly out of the building and could no longer “make ends meet” was no surprise to me. How Dillard made it this long was a mystery to me on so many levels. Under every rock more questions than answers.

So according to public records Big Man Tom Dillard’s parents owned the building, Mommy and Daddy bought Tommy boys office in 1998…. at his age…really! Nothing would surprise me! Tommy Boy is pushing 68 years old!

Also my reader gave me a lot of in site into the original transaction prior owner Holly Charles and the  D.M.D. living trust, before I make any statements I will do my homework.

Sure enough the building is empty and listed,

Tom Dillard of Las Vegas office is empty



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