Getting Back to Basics with Tom Dillard

Let’s get back to the basics here.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, before, during and after testifying in the case of the United States of America vs Ricardo Bonvicin, I fell victim to Tom Dillard. Dillard was able influence John L Smith of the Las Vegas Review Journal to publish untruthful things about me, which put me in a false light. And I won’t lie, Dillard did a number on me.

But Dillard picked the wrong guy to try to intimidate. There was an old saying around newspapers that you don’t anger someone who purchases ink by the gallon and paper by the ton. The advent of the internet and blogs gave average citizens that kind of power. I’ve done a lot of digging on Dillard and have found some very interesting things that the citizens of Clark County, Nevada will find alarming. This website will detail the millions of dollars Dillard has cost the tax payers of Clark County. And along with that exposure, we’ll more importantly review the torment and mental anguish that Tom Dillard has caused so many people. You see, I’m not the only one that he’s screwed with.

Dillard’s shenanigans go back decades. And it’s time for him to be exposed. For example, have a look a this piece of “achievement” that he’s got on his record. And we’ll call it exactly what’s stated on the documents: “Conduct Unbecoming an Employee” for trying to influence a Las Vegas Nevada Judge during a capital murder trial. Not something you ever want to try. That’s gonna end badly pretty much every time.

And it’s not just any one thing, bad enough as they are individually, it’s the accumulation of the same kind of crap (an inelegant word, but accurate) over and over again … trying to influence judges, tax liens, messing with people’s lives, not meeting obligations and getting into trouble financially, messing with people’s lives. Oh, did I mention that already?

Stand by. More to come on all this. In the meantime, have a look around what’s already on this site. Interesting reading, I assure you.

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