Tom Dillard and Tom Dillard Jr. Attorney, Confusion ? The Opinion of Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada !

By Steve Barket Las Vegas Nevada August 21st 2013

So you have the dead beat ex-cop, sleazy P.I. Thomas Doyle Dillard the old man and the son Thomas Dillard Jr. the attorney.

I am in no way being disparaging to the the son “Tom Dillard Jr”, I have never met this person, just trying to help others with the same confusion I have experienced.

This is very confusing when researching the old man vs the kid, on PACER and other data-bases.

Many people have contacted me with questions, The kid  according to court records did a lot of work for Metro in the past (alleged) and the old man, was a ex cop and now a deadbeat* P.I..

*(deadbeat is my opinion, Tom Dillard Sr. brags about his Utah cabin but seems to forget to pays his property taxes and has an IRS tax lien).

I wounder if the son has any relationship with the Metro Cop Eric Chris Hall ?

Please remember two people with same name.

Keep looking the truth is out there !!!

More about JR coming soon !

As I continue to research, more questions than answers, I have found this link very useful in an effort to sort out the family.

Please read in Memory of Doyle Matthew Dillard






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