Doneale Feazell inmate #44313 could he be wrongly accused ?

Is it possible this is another Tom Dillard victim ? At this point I can not say with 100 percent certainty. I am in the infancy of this story.

As a result of this blog about six months ago I started receiving information from a lady a claiming to be an acquaintance of Inmate Feazell. She stated that she believed Feazell was perhaps “set up” by Dillard when he was a Metro Homicide detective.

I am currently following Feazell’s case and story. In typical Tom Dillard fashion I have been informed, that the first taped interview of the witness  was allegedly missing. I am reviewing documents to see for myself.

Dillard has been the subject of several law suits over the years, that have resulted in  costing the tax payers of Clark County Nevada millions of dollars. One reoccurring theme “withholding exculpatory evidence” that could have cleared the accused suspect in the murder case of Beth Lynn Jardine, John Harrison West.

This cold case was solved almost 22 years after the murder by DNA.  Charles Connors was convicted in Clarke County Nevada and sentenced in July 2010 for the murder of Jardine

By Dillard wasting the resources of  Metro Homicide detectives the killer went free for an additional 22 years. In that time Connors had been convicted of raping a little girl and was a registered sex offender.

In another law suit Dillard was sued by Howard Haupt, Cv-S-90-121-PMP similar story.


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