Steven Barket Las Vegas Nevada You Tube Channel TOM DILLARD EXPOSED

See Tom Dillard on the stand try to throw me under the bus! I have set up my own Tom Dillard Exposed channel. It’s fun to watch the P.I. face his past on the stand, who got caught red handed trying to influence a Nevada District Court Judge during a Murder trial.

I laugh out loud as I watch Tom Dillard throw his hands up…… Watch and you toooooooo will LOL

When I think about the murder trials that Dillard has been involved in one word comes to mind Buffoon: Look at the out come

John Harrison West… released……Big payout by Clark County

Howard Haupt….. released…..Big payout by Clark County

Sandy Murphy & Rick Tabish…released

How does Tom Dillard have any creditability…. That’s a mystery  to me… As they say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Definition of BUFFOON

: a ludicrous figure : clown
: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person
buf·foon·ish adjective



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