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Thomas (Tom) Dillard, ex-Las Vegas Metro Detective, Nailed in Jury’s Verdict

It doesn’t get any more clear than the one damaging page that you see above, which shows the jury’s findings in the U.S. District Court case (Nevada) between Howard L. Haupt (the plaintiff) and former Metro detective and defendant Thomas D. Dillard (Case No. CV-S-90-121-PMP(RJJ). … Continue reading

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Thomas Dillard, Detective: UNSOLVED HOMICIDE — Money is One Thing, A Human Life is an Entirely Different Thing

There’s a motive that’s hiding in plain sight on this website. And it involves the unsolved abduction and murder of a 7-year-old boy. And that directly involves Tom Dillard. Dillard was one of the Las Vegas Metro detectives assigned to … Continue reading

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Tom Dillard is back at it again!

Steve Barket July 6, 2015 Tommy boy is trying to stir the pot once again; the difference is this time I’m ready to roll — in a 4-wheel drive all over him in court. I will be filing a lawsuit, … Continue reading

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