Tom DIllard pay your back taxes $33,903.20…IRS TAX liens 2008 & 2009

Whats up with this, did Tom Pitaro pay you for the Rick Bonvicin case even though Bonvicin filed Bankruptcy ? I have generated a lot of business for you and you still got a tax lien(s) filed against you. Why does John L Smith not write about you and your tax liens ? Hey buddy hang in there. Any luck with Tom Clarke, Larry Vonwald, FYI I am refiling that lawsuit. Hope you can recover. Your best cash cow of income. (Again I redacted your wife’s name on the tax lien info)

One last question, I have got a big client for you. Whats the law in Nevada about expectation of privacy for audio recordings ? This guy lives in another country (Singapore). I have some great recordings, he would be a good pay day for you, stand by. His web site is under way. He ask me for HGH and some other fun stuff..How can you have your PI license and a tax lien at the same time ?

Warm Regards

Steve Barket

FYI look at this: Filed September 2010

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