About Barket

My name is Steven Barket. This entire site is my opinion.

Before, during and after testifying in the Case of United States of America vs Ricardo Bonvicin, I became another Tom Dillard victim. Dillard was able influence  John L Smith of the Las Vegas Review Journal to publish a story about me, which put me in a false light. Brother Dillard did a number on me. That’s right Brother Dillard.

Brother Dillard picked the wrong guy to “INTIMIDATE”. This site will cover the Millions of dollars that Tom Dillard has cost the tax payers of Clark County, Nevada. More importantly it will outline the torment along with the mental anguish that Tom Dillard has caused so many people.

John Harrison West, Howard L. Haupt & others

Unlike Tom Dillard I do not know everything, at any time if any one can correct or add to this site, I have an open mind. I will listen — Good, Bad or Indifferent.