Tom Dillard is back at it again!

Steve Barket
July 6, 2015

Tommy boy is trying to stir the pot once again; the difference is this time I’m ready to roll — in a 4-wheel drive all over him in court.

I will be filing a lawsuit, it has teeth. Lots of them!

I would like to thank my many friends who keep me in the “know” about Dillard. A heads up is a heads up!

Tom Dillard friend gives me a heads up






This guy just makes stuff up on the fly and runs with it; hard to believe anybody with a J.D., admitted to the bar, or a Clark County Employee would put their career on the line.

I hope the next knock at his door is the process server. (FYI its under seal), no peaking!

Tom Dillard las vegas getting

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